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Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra®

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Blue Smash

(Sildenafil the active ingredient in Viagra®)

Blue Smash is a generic Sildenafil 50mg pill that is exclusively produced in the USA. Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra® - The world's first and still best-known male performance drug. Sildenafil is typically effective for 4 - 5 hours.

All ingredients are US FDA-approved and supplied by top medical suppliers with unblemished quality and compliance records.

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Yellow Smash

(Tadalafil the active ingredient in Cialis®)

Yellow Smash is a generic Tadalafil 20mg pill that is exclusively produced in the USA. Tadalafil is the active ingredient in Cialis® - Now the most popular E.D. choice in the US. Tadalafil is typically effective for 36 hours.

All ingredients are US FDA-approved and supplied by top medical suppliers with unblemished quality and compliance records.

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  • Who can use the E.D. service?

    Our E.D. services are available to all men dealing with E.D. However, based on the regulations of telemedicine, you must live in one of the states where we offer services. E.D. medication will only help you get and sustain an erection if you are sexually aroused and is in no way a recreational drug and will not address premature ejaculation or low libido.
  • What medications do you prescribe?

    We currently prescribe Sildenafil in dosage levels of 25mg, 50mg, or 100mg. These medications are only available through a doctor's prescription and our doctors prescribe based on the individual needs of each patient's respective situation. Sildenafil comes with the potential for serious side effects, especially in instances with contraindicated medications and is no way a recreational drug. Therefore, in order to make sure sildenafil is right for you, our doctor visit involves a detailed set of health questions to confirm that you have E.D. and that the medication is suitable for you to try.
  • Are the medications you prescribe effective?

    While sildenafil has been shown to be effective for E.D. for most men, it may not work depending on the underlying factors responsible for your E.D. and how your body responds to the medication. Typically, we advise patients to try sildenafil at least 3 times before making a judgment call on its efficacy.
  • Why can't I take nitrates or nitroglycerin with Sildenafil?

    Taking Sildenafil in combination with nitrates or nitroglycerin (typically prescribed for heart conditions) can lead to a severe drop in blood pressure that could be potentially fatal.
  • How is Smash different from other E.D. services?

    There are numerous facts that we feel make us uniquely positioned to offer the best Online ED products and service available. Most importantly, we take great pride in the level of quality and care our licensed doctors put into making sure our patients are receiving the right treatment plan. Additionally, unlike our competitors, we sell real medicine that real doctors must prescribe. We are so confident in our product and service that we even give a truly free sample (providing you qualify for the treatment). Our sildenafil tablets come in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg dosage sizes bringing real results. With an individually curated plan you will have the peace of mind that any special time, planned or spontaneous with your partner will go off unhinged. No need to physically go into a potentially awkward face-to-face doctor consultation; Smash can help you directly from the comfort of your home!
  • What is the return & refund policy?

    If for any reason our service was not satisfactory, we offer a full refund, (less shipping) if requested within 30 days of the purchase date.
  • Is my information private?

    We are HIPPA compliant and keep all medical information completely private. Please review our privacy policy for further information.
  • How can Smash help if you suffer from erectile dysfunction (E.D.)?

    At Smash, we've invested in the capabilities of telemedicine by making E.D. treatment quick and easy. With Smash, most patients complete the initial doctor visit questionnaire in minutes. Shortly after, one of our U.S. Licensed physicians will review your answers within a few hours.

    Your Doctor will need to know about your health, your medications, lifestyle decisions, prior surgeries, and E.D. Along with a recent blood pressure reading (within last 6 months), all this information will help your doctor curate your personal treatment. They will also need a personal ID so they know who they will be helping. Then, the doctor will review the information in private and determine if you are a suitable candidate for E.D. treatment through telemedicine (majority of men are) and will come up with a personalized treatment plan just for you.

    At this point, we'll ship your treatment discreetly and fast!

  • What is E.D.?

    E.D. stands for Erectile Dysfunction and is marked by the inability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient enough for sex even while sexually aroused. This is not to be confused with premature ejaculation, nor is it the same as having low libido or less desire to have sex. E.D. is estimated to affect up to 40% of men by the age of 40 and can even affect young adult men and is sometimes referred to as impotence.
  • What Causes E.D.?

    The reason or cause of E.D. can be complex. Though often it is correlated to physical conditions, it can also manifest from psychological factors such as depression or anxiety. E.D. can occur from a combination of various physical and psychological factors and can even indicate the existence of more serious underlying conditions, such as heart complications or failure.
  • Why is it important to seek help for E.D.?

    Other than the impact that E.D. can place on one's psychological well-being and relationships, E.D. can be a key warning sign of serious underlying health problems that need to be investigated further. Your doctor at Smash can help assess any warning signs, allowing you to take the right steps in protecting your health.
  • Is it safe to use the E.D. service?

    E.D. Medication should only be used by men who are healthy enough for sexual activity. Additionally, it is vitally important that you answer all questions on the questionnaire accurately and honestly and therefore can be assured a safe and effective treatment. Please read all information we provide on the risks and benefits of treatment to ensure safe treatment; we acknowledge and are aware that E.D. medication is not safe for everyone to use. Only upon reviewing the information gathered from the questionnaire and determining patient suitability will our licensed physicians create an E.D. treatment plan.
  • Why do you need to know my blood pressure?

    The way in which sildenafil works on blood vessels, precise blood pressure readings are integral in our physician's ability to determine what and if E.D. treatment is right for you. Your health takes precedence over anything else and your blood pressure measurements enable our doctors to curate the right plan for you. Please visit your local pharmacy for a free blood pressure reading.
  • I have the tools, how do I measure my own blood pressure at home?

    To begin blood pressure measurement, use a properly sized blood pressure cuff. The length of the cuff's bladder should be at least equal to 80% of the circumference of the upper arm. Wrap the cuff around the upper arm with the cuff's lower edge one inch above the antecubital fossa. Lightly press the stethoscope's bell over the brachial artery just below the cuff's edge. Then, rapidly inflate the cuff to 180mmHg. Release air from the cuff at a moderate rate (3mm/sec). Listen with the stethoscope and simultaneously observe the sphygmomanometer. The first knocking sound (Korotkoff) is the subject's systolic pressure. When the knocking sound disappears, that is the diastolic pressure (such as 120/80). Record the pressure in both arms and note the difference; also record the subject's position (supine), which arm was used, and the cuff size (small, standard or large adult cuff). A BLOOD PRESSURE OF 180/120mmHg OR MORE REQUIRES IMMEDIATE ATTENTION!

    For the purpose of accuracy, take 2 readings in both arms, and provide us the highest number recorded.

If it wasn’t for SMASH and their free sample, I would never have tried any of the ED meds out there. Wife and I are happier than ever!

Mark M, 52

Absolutely amazing. I’ve tried name brand Viagra before, and Cialis and can safely say that this is the real deal. Amazing stuff! I like how their pill is scored for easy splitting too.

Chris G, 45

I was reluctant at first to try any pills because I wouldn’t accept that I needed a little help. This has worked wonder on me and my relationship with my girlfriend.

Darrin D, 33

I took big-name branded Sildenafil for years. Boy was it hurting my wallet. Once I found out that SMASH offered the exact same med at a fraction of the price and have it discreetly shipped, no in person embarrassing doctor talk, no lines at the pharmacy, just right to your door. Very convenient for us old guys!

James, G 55

I’m 34 years old and unfortunately have suffered from ED the past two years. I didn't realize how much no sex was having an impact on my relationship with my wife. She convinced me to go get help; I got it through the easiest way possible. I don’t like that I need this med, but I like that I can get it easily and for much cheaper than what insurance would even cover.

Warren, D 34

Happy wife, happy life. Or so I’ve heard! I didn’t realize how little I was fulfilling her needs prior to us finally talking about my ED. I would make up excuses, and bad excuses at that, why I couldn’t perform and why I didn’t want to. Deep down I knew I always wanted to but that I just couldn’t. It’s so nice to connect on a deeper level with my wife again; we didn’t realize how much we were missing.

Adam A, 49